Winter’s end?

Forget the weather or day length: what really tells you that winter is coming to an end is digging up the last of the parsnips! These little monkeys have done suprisingly well, considering the horribly dry start they had back in April 2011. A mixture of Tender & True, Aromata and Halblange White, the best permormer Oscar probably just about goes to Tender & True; so I’ll try ’em again this year, along with some White Gem just to see…

So the parsnips patch is nice and clear (well, barring the aggresive and rude couch grass that’s just waiting to spread like wildfire); but there are still 4 or so rows of carrots still to harvest, which should see us through almost until the baby coloured carrots in the tunnel are ready (fingers crossed). The last 10kg or so of parsnips are now stored happily in sacks in my tiny storage shed, and it’ll be sad to sell the last one. No more fragrantly spicy-sweet roots to dig for another 6 months or so then. Hey ho, on with the tender baby spring veg it is!


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