Peppers, tomatillos & aubergines: done!

I’ve managed to hit my target of getting my sweet peppers, aubergines and a new trial crop of purple tomatillos sown before the end of February, hurrah! Although, blast; I’ve just realised that I forgot about my other new experimental crop, okra, which I was going to sow at the same time in the heated propogation units. Bugger. Space is very limited as I only have a couple of electric propogation mats that I use on my windowsill: the larger unit has 140 module cells for peppers (Corno di Torro Rosso, Yolo Wonder and Long Red Marconi), and 10 purple tomatillos; and the other has just 36 larger cells with aubergines in (Black Pearl and Moneymaker). Ah well, I’ll have to sow the okra in the cooler module tunnel, alongside the tomatoes which are there already (but still no sign yet; I’ll only start getting worried in two weeks if still no show).

So fingers crossed that these summeriest of crops get off to a good start; and mid-late April is warm enough to pot them on and then plant out in the tunnels, without getting caught by a late frost. I’m hoping for much better aubergines than last year (De Barbentane were few and tiny), and also hope that the peppers are as good as last year.


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