Gorge-ous Veg

Some people grow veg varieties just for decoration, and I’m beginning to partly understand why (I still can’t quite get my head around not eating it though). I have a thing about purple and green: these complimentary colours are just awesome, and you can get almost all veg in purple shades – many of which I’m growing: carrots (tick), French beans (tick), cauliflowers (tick – pictured is a spring variety called Purple Cape), purple sprouting broccoli (tick), rainbow chard (tick, popular among gardeners) tomatoes (well, ‘black’ tomatoes, and purple tomatillos, tick)…

Seeing as we eat partly with our eyes (I wish my eyes did all of my eating, it would make chocolate fountain parties much more fun), interesting colours and textures are essential, and shouldn’t be a luxury – we’ve been lumbered with such boring-looking food in the past in the mainstream, we’ve forgotten that half the fun is eating something pretty. Maybe this is being revived now though, with the popularity of dainty cupcakes and sexy swirls of jus, vinegars and pestos on our plates when eating out; but the bulk of our food, where we get our nutrition from, can also be as enticing. The fractal swirls of romanesco caulis and the unique pattern on borlotti beans can be food for the mind and imagination as well as for the body.


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