OHM Secret Service

I may have been working on my own for a few too many days; but I think they’re watching me. I pick some salad leaves or plant some new mustards and kale in the tunnels; and out of the tail of my eye I see movement and… a tail. As it scurries underneath the Mypex groundcover, hatching dastardly plans on the way – well, ruining the chicory and endive anyway. And they are also now pulling the fleece that I’ve been using on colder nights to give the salads a bit of protection down into their pesky holes; most rude. Maybe I should just put up a sign welcoming other mice to the New Rodent Hotel: comfortable fleecy beds; delicious fresh food; shelter from the buzzards and cats. Drat.

I was happily sowing some celeriac seed in modules today (hoping that by sowing earlier that last year, they will actually get a bit bigger this year); when I heard the tell-tale snap of a trap in the tunnel next door. I do quite like mice, they are quite sweet; but it’s got to the stage now where it’s them or me, so these traps are just self-defence. I nipped over to the tunnel, hoping to find a captured miscreant; but yet again they’d managed to avoid being caught. I set the trap again, then ran back to my seed sowing, fearing they’d let off the trap deliberately, so as to distract me while they snuck off with my fresh seed packets. Think I’m going a bit mad; or else have watched too much Fantastic Mr Fox. Mind you, a very odd pinky-red pigeon has recently turned up and now hangs around near the tunnels. I now suspect it may be a secret agent robot pigeon, created by Her Mouseness to spy on human and feline movements. And I also suspect I may need to get out more.


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