First proper sowings

Today is a very exciting day: I’ve put the first crops of the year in the ground, hurrah! While the salads are still going strong in the tunnels, and carrots and parsnips still happily sitting in the field, there’s definitely something special about starting a brand new crop. Earlier today in the still, sunny, faux-spring morning, I drilled 1 row of Bambino carrots, 3 rows of Yellowstone carrots, 3 rows of Purple Haze carrots, plus a row of Progress no 9 peas for shoots. Hopefully if we have a nice sunny spring like 2011, by the end of April I’ll have some fab bunches of baby multicoloured carrots, and punnets of fresh pea shoots – a real taste of spring!

I got so carried away by the feeling of the warmed soil in the tunnels, I’ve also now sown 4 trays of tomatoes – a combination of heirloom varieties such as Gardeners’ Delight, Golden Queen, Black Russian, St Pierre and Berner Rose, which did so well last year; plus a few F1s that were recommended by other growers, such as Sun Gold and Diplom. I did make a sacrifice to the Mouse God, so fingers crossed the little tykes won’t attack either the tomato seeds in modules of the carrots and peas in the ground too much…


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