February Update

Gah, snow! It’s very pretty and everything, but messes up my plans a bit. I was planning on starting some actual work this week – I’d hoped to rotovate half a tunnel and sow some early coloured carrots and some peas for shoots, yum; but the snow has put me off. And it’s supposed to be freezing again for a few more days, so the seed wouldn’t do anything anyway; just rot and/or get eaten by the pesky mice. Maybe next week it’ll warm up a bit… please?! This un-growing season is rubbish; just a bit of picking/digging; hardly any sowing in trays/modules; and paperwork to do. And I’ve even pretty much done all that too – must be desperate. It’s the time of year when I actually miss the thistles and chickweed. Ah well, how I’ll long for these cold, short, wet days of Feb when I’m still weeding at 8pm in June… mmm, June…

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